POP UP meals

Deliciously, Different

Born with a mission to revolutionize eating habits, we believe in providing meals in Pune that are healthy, homely and hygienic. These meals are ideal for people who are too busy to cook and don’t wish to compromise on nutrition with high on oil/masala food. Our vision is to serve our customers by providing them home style food which they can eat regularly without getting bored.

We believe in giving surprises and breaking monotony, so our menu changes daily. Although you would love to have that fulfilling home cooked meal you enjoyed back in school days, it's difficult to manage anything close to that with your busy schedule. What most of us end up eating is not really healthy and at times, to our horror, even unhygienic food. Good nutritious meal has become "out of sight, out of mind". It's very important for you to get your daily nutrition - too less or too much is equally harmful, what your health demands is a well-balanced and healthy diet.



There are many reasons to subscribe to our meal plans, such as,